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Centenario de la Toma de Zacatecas
Столетие взятия Сакатераса
Presented by
Casa de Moneda de México
Nominal value
20 pesos
15,945 g
32 mm
15,945 g
5 000 000 pcs.
Production quality
Casa de Moneda de México
Casa de Moneda de México
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: The National Emblem is represented by an Eagle devouring a snake, perched on a cactus nestled on an island. This is a sign for the land, given for the god Huitzilopochtli as promise to the Aztecs on their long pilgrimage through the center of Mesoamerica. The main image is surrounded by a wreath of red oak and laurel, and the legend “ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS”. Reverse: The reverse has stamped as main motif in the center, the equestrian image of Francisco Villa, flanked for the portraits of the generals Felipe Ángeles y Pánfilo Natera, the main architects of the Zacatecas Battle. In the lower part of the field, the silhouette of the “Bufa Mountain”, fundamental and strategic place for the development of this important battle. This set is surrounded by a half circle, with the legend “CENTENARIO DE LA TOMA DE ZACATECAS” and in the exergue, lower part of the field, it is read to left to right, the inscriptions “1914 – 2014”, in reference to the commemorative centennial of the battle; the denomination “$20” and the symbol mint (ceca) of Casa de Moneda de México.
A brief annotation
The Zacatecas Battle is one of the most transcendental chapters of the History of Mexico, it means the armed victory of the Mexican Revolution. On June 23, 1914, 38 cannons of the “División del Norte”, opened fire at the same time, as the beginning of the heroic battle. The Zacatecas Battle gave definitive path to the Mexican Revolution, which conducted in the same year 1914, to the Aguascalientes Convention and three years later to the Constituent Congress of 1917, where was promulgated our actual Constitution. To the generals Francisco Villa, Felipe Ángeles y Pánfilo Natera, a big acknowledgment for the victory of their troops, which overthrow from the power to Victoriano Huerta one month later.
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