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Tercentenary of the Russian Fleet’s Victory in the Battle of Gangut
300-летие победы русского флота в Гангутском сражении
Presented by
Central Bank of the Russian Federation; Moscow Mint of Goznak (Russia)
Nominal value
1000 rubles
156,40 g
50,00 mm
156,40 g
250 pcs.
Production quality
Artist: L. Evdokimova, sculptor: V. Ananyin – specialists of Design-Bureau of Goznak.
Moscow Mint of Goznak (Russia)
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: the emblem of the Bank of Russia framed by a circle of dots and inscriptions indicating the coin’s denomination, year of issue and technical data. Reverse: the depiction of a sea battle among sailing vessels and rowing ships, inscriptions: “ГАНГУТ• 1714” (GANGUT• 1714) and “ПОБЕДА РУССКОГО ФЛОТА” (VICTORY OF THE RUSSIAN FLEET).
A brief annotation
In the sea battle at Gangut Cape of the Finish Hanko Peninsula in June of 1714 the Russian Fleet under command of Peter I routed the Swedish Fleet. It was the first victory of the Russian Fleet which strengthened the position of Russia in the Northern War.
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№1 (58) 2022
№1 (58) 2022
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