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BALTISTIKA (Baltic Studies)
Presented by
The Bank of Lithuania
Nominal value
10 litas
1,244 g
13,92 mm
Gold 999°
5000 pcs.
Production quality
The graphic design and the sculptor model are made by Vaidotas Skolevičius.
Lithuanian Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
The obverse featured a stylized coat of arms of the Republic of Lithuania, Vytis, surrounded by the inscriptions LIETUVA (Lithuania), 10 LITŲ (litas), 2014. On the reverse an amber disc memorializes, artistically, an archaeological find from the Neolithic period, attributed to Baltic ethnology. There is an inscription arranged in a semi-circle — BALTISTIKA (Baltic Studies). The edge of the coin is plain.
A brief annotation
Baltic Studies are a complex science involving comparative research of the spiritual and material culture of the Baltic nations. As a separate field of Baltic Studies, Baltic linguistics is the most well-formed and widely-known. German linguist, archaeologist and ethnographer A. Bezzenberger is considered the father of Baltic Studies. The term «Balts» (Baltic languages) was created and used for the first time in 1845 by the German linguist G.H.F. Nesselmann. After World War II, in the field of Baltic linguistics, Lithuanian researchers contributed the most. Depending on which nation’s culture is studied, Baltic studies are divided into Lithuanian studies, Latvian studies, Old Prussian studies, etc. By researching problem areas, the works of specialists in Baltic studies can fall under linguistics, literature, folklore, mythology, history, archaeology, anthropology and so on.
New issue
№1 (58) 2022
№1 (58) 2022
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