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Almohad dinar
Динар Альмохадов 
Presented by
Royal Spanish Mint
Nominal value
100 euro
6,75 g
23 mm
6,75 g
6 000 pcs.
Production quality
Royal Spanish Mint
Royal Spanish Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
In the 12th century the Almohads defeated the ruling Almoravids and settled in Al-Andalus (southern part of modern Portugal and Spain), where they carried out a deep monetary reform. As a result of this, a new Almohad dinar was struck that, actually, became the new metric reference for gold coins in Castile. The one reproduced in the 100 Euro coin was produced under the rule of Caliph Muhammad ibn Yaqub, whose troops were defeated in the battle of Navas de Tolosa (16th July 1212) by an alliance of Christian kings of Castile, Aragon, Navarre and Portugal.
A brief annotation
The coin is dedicated to the Battle of Navas de Tolosa, a turning point in the medieval history of Spain.
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New issue
№1 (58) 2022
№1 (58) 2022
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