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20 years of peacekeeping operation in Trans-Dniester
20 лет миротворческой операции в Приднестровье
Presented by
Trans-Dniester Republican Bank
Nominal value
100 Trans-Dniester rubles
13,87 g
32 mm
13,87 g
250 pcs.
Production quality
Trans-Dniester Republican Bank
Saint Petersburg Mint of Goznak (Russia)
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: in the center - the State Emblem of the Dniester Moldavian Republic; inscriptions in a circle - at the top: “ПРИДНЕСТРОВСКИЙ РЕСПУБЛИКАНСКИЙ БАНК”, at the bottom: “100 РУБЛЕЙ”; in the lower part under the Emblem - the year of issue: "2012", the logo of the manufacturer, the alloy, the fineness and the weight. Reverse: in the center – the image of a dove of peace made of a ribbon encircling the globe and the laurel branch; in a circle from left to right – the inscription "20 лет миротворческой операции в Приднестровье", at the bottom - the inscription "1992-2012."
A brief annotation
Thanks to Russia in 1992 a peacekeeping operation in Trans-Dniester Republic began. There is still a land of peace and prosperity.
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