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The tragedy of man
Трагедия человека
Presented by
Hungarian Mint Ltd
Nominal value
3000 Hungarian forint
20 g
34 mm
20 g
4000 pcs.
Production quality
Proof, with partly mirror finished relief
Enikő Szöllőssy, sculptor and medallist
Hungarian Mint Ltd
Description of obverse and reverse
The obverse shows Imre Madach, the author of an iconic piece of Hungarian play-writing, titled “The Tragedy of Man”. The reverse shows a scene of the tragedy: Lucifer arises behind Adam and Eve, as if growing from the ground of the Earth, encompassing the humans.
A brief annotation
“The goal is death, the battle is the life. The fight itself the goal the man doth seek.” This quote from the piece inspired the designer, defining the meaning of human existence, symbolizing the struggle of ideas and the ability to begin anew.
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New issue
№1 (58) 2022
№1 (58) 2022
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