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Coin Constellation 2024

The application period of the contest “Coin Constellation - 2024” has begun

Mints, national banks and distributing companies from all over the word are welcome to participate.

The contest is held by the Russian publishing house Water Mark, the publisher of the specialized magazine on coins and medals "Gold Chervonets" and organizer of the International Conference and Exhibition COINS.

During the years of its existence, the competition has won recognition from a wide audience, manufacturers and coin collectors. This is the only international coin competition which is held in Russia and former USSR countries. In 2023 23 participants from 18 countries of the world submitted their coins to the Coin Constellation contest.

For participation you should send the application form and the images of coins to the organizing committee up to 15 March 2024. Coins issued from 1 January to 31 December 2023 are accepted to the contest.

Contest nominations:

The winners will be determined by the international expert jury. The contest committee includes the experts from the world-famous museums and auctions, representatives of the coins distributing companies, numismatic associations and specialized periodicals on coins from different countries.

Starting from July 10 till September 10, 2024, an online voting for the winner in the “People’s Choice Award” nomination will take place. Anyone willing to support his favorite coin should register on the and vote in the "Coin Constellation" section. The coin with the majority of votes will become a nomination’s winner.

Contest coordinator:

Yanina Ivchenko,;
Tel.: +7 812 346-50-15/16

Download the application form