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Daydreamer – Future
Мечтатель ‒ Будущее
Presented by
CIT Coin Invest AG (Lichtenstein)
Nominal value
10 dollars
62,2 g
45 mm
Silver 999°
1500 pcs
Production quality
Production (technology) quality Antique Finish, Coloured, Smartminting®, Ultra High Relief
CIT Coin Invest AG (Lichtenstein)
B.H. Mayer (Germany)
Description of obverse and reverse
One side depicts a man pulling aside a curtain to reveal a futuristic scene. A robot, a suspension railway and a flying vehicle can be seen as well as a rocket and innovative high-rise buildings; in the exergue the inscription “DAYDREAMER / FUTURE 2022”.

The other side presents the coat of arms of Palau with the circumscription “REPUBLIC OF PALAU 10 $”.

A brief annotation
Who is not curious about the future? This person definitely is. Thus he opens the magic curtain to discover what he can expect in the future. Thanks to the enhanced smartminting® technology this coin pictures this story on a stunning 2 oz silver coin. Discover the impressive contrast of antique finish in front of the curtain and a sophisticated colored proof area behind it showing futuristic vehicles, buildings and robots, all in ultra-high relief. This eye catching coin makes you feel like you are sitting in a theater and everybody is looking forward to what is behind the curtain.

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New issue
№ 3(64) 2023
№ 3(64) 2023
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