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Theseus and the Minotaur
Тесей и Минотавр
Presented by
Power Coin (Italy)
Nominal value
20 dollars
93,3 g
55 mm
Silver 999°
666 pcs
Production quality
Antique Finish, Smartminting High Relief on both sides, Partially colored, Hand designed
Antonello Galletta
Project idea and Technology by Power Coin (Italy). Project Managed by CIT (Coin Invest Trust). Mint: BH-Mayer (Germany)
Description of obverse and reverse
The reverse of the coin depicts Theseus and the Minotaur within the legendary labyrinth. Theseus is holding a torch, while the Minotaur appears to be defending himself with a dagger.

The labyrinth is rendered in Ultra-High Relief, which becomes lower as it moves closer to the coin's center, creating a sophisticated depth effect that culminates with Power Coin's logo in the center of the design.

The obverse of the coin features the Palau Coat of Arms, as well as the inscriptions: "REPUBLIC OF PALAU" – the country of issue – and "20$" – the face value. The outer rim presents an intricate pattern of lines in High Relief that resembles the labyrinth on the coin's reverse side. The inscriptions on the Obverse are: "THESEUS MINOTAUR" – the coin's name – and "2021" – the year of issue.

A brief annotation
The coin was inspired by the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, one of the most fascinating myths in Greek Mythology, and is part of the series "The Evil Within."

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New issue
№ 1(62) 2023
№ 1(62) 2023
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