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Silver Charles V Guilder
Серебряный Гульден «Карл V»
Presented by
Royal Mint of Belgium
Nominal value
10 euro
18,75 g
33 mm
Silver 925°
5 000 pcs
Production quality
Luc Luycx
Royal Dutch Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
On the obverse the bust of crowned Emperor Charles V, in armor and with beard looking to the right. On his shoulder you see a lion's head, on his chest the Order of the Golden Fleece. Text: «CAROLUS ● DG ● ROM ● IMP ● HISPREX ● DVX ● BVRGCF». Explanation: Charles by the grace of God, Emperor of the Roman Empire, King of Spain, Duke of Burgundy, Count of Flanders. This composition is identical to the original silver Carolus guilder 1540-1548.

The reverse shows the crowned coat of arms of the Habsburg Netherlands over a flowered cross. Clockwise, the coat of arms shows Austria, New Burgundy, Brabant, Old Burgundy, with Flanders in the middle. Text: «DA ● MIHI ● VIRTVTE ● CO ● HOST ● ES TVOS». Explanation: Give me strength against Your enemies. You can also see the country designation «BE», the year «2021», the mint mark of the Royal Dutch Mint (staff of Mercury), the Belgian privy mark (coat of arms of the municipality of Herzele) and the inscription «10 EURO».

A brief annotation
The coin is issued or re-issued in honor of 500 years “Carolus Guilder” the name-giver Emperor Charles V (Ghent, 24 February 1500 – Cuacos de Yuste, Spain, 21 September 1558) belonged to the House of Habsburg. During his reign, his empire grew into the largest European empire since Charlemagne. It covered all Dutch provinces, Spain and the Holy Roman Empire. Including the American and Asian territories, his Empire was even larger than the earlier Roman Empire. His rule marked the transition from the Middle Ages to the New Age.

The silver Carolus guilder (Carolus d'argent) was introduced from 1540 and had the same value as the gold Carolus guilder (Carolus d'or), namely 20 stuivers. After Charles V abdicated and the coin was no longer minted under his successor, the name “Carolus guilder” continued to be used. Eventually the term was shortened to guilder and lived on as a unit of account.

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