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Robots V.1 (love) series The Next Evolution
Роботы V.1 (любовь) (Следующая Эволюция)
Presented by
Artisan Coin Productions
Nominal value
20 New Zealand Dollars
93,3 g
50 mm
Silver 999°
399 pcs
Production quality
Obsidian Black Proof & Reverse Proof (glossy and matte), Pinnacle Relief© high relief technology, Gold plated 24K, Serial number on the edge
Nick K.
Artisan Coin Productions
Description of obverse and reverse
Both the male robot (gilded in 24kt gold) and the silver female bot display a proof and reverse proof finish (glossy and matte). The background is rendered in obsidian black proof, which combines matte and glossy finishes (obsidian is a naturally occurring glass produced when volcanic lava cools rapidly).

The obverse, also rendered in an obsidian-black-proof finish, features Ian Rank-Broadley’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II in the center of a microchip.

The unique design of the obverse is based on the placement of an embossed micro-chip symbolizing the era of robotics.

Symbolic is the year of issue of the coin - 2021, which is the beginning of the third millennium. The date itself certainly promises colossal technological changes in our daily lives.

The reverse and obverse are rimless.

A brief annotation
Humanoid robots, in many ways, represent the future of mankind and technology. The 21st century marked the incorporation of such robots into everyday life. Already, anthropomorphic bots intended for personal and commercial use are capable, to some degree, of interacting directly with humans in real time.

The assemblage consists of five collectable coins that depict futuristic robots, which display the various senses and emotions that humanoid droids will be endowed with as technology evolves.

Using a special mobile app the coin comes to life with sound and movement.

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New issue
№ 3(64) 2023
№ 3(64) 2023
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