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Benyovszky Memorial Year
Год памяти Бенёвского
Presented by
Hungarian Mint
Nominal value
10 000 hungarian forint
31,46 g
38,61 mm
Silver 925°
10 000 pcs
Production quality
Proof with laser engraving
Gábor KERESZTHURY medallist
Hungarian Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
The front depicts a frigate on a stormy sea. In the backround, a schematic compass used by the world traveller during his voyages can be seen. The back features a portrait of Count Maurice Benyovszky wearing his breastplate. In the background map of Benyovszky’s travels, including Madagascar, shows the dates and routes of his journeys.

A brief annotation
Count Maurice Benyovszky was one of the most famous Hungarian world travellers, and the first European ruler of Madagascar. The memorial year commemorates his 280th anniversary of birth and 235th anniversary of death. He considered himself first and foremost a traveller, a sailor, a soldier and an explorer. During his adventuruos life, he travelled accross four continents and appended his name to the history of many countries. Among others he succeeded in appeasing tribal conflicts in Madagascar. This is how he became the governor of this special island, and, according to the legend, its king.
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New issue
№ 2(63) 2023
№ 2(63) 2023
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