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One With Nature
Единение с природой
Presented by
Hungarian Mint
Nominal value
15 000 hungarian forint
32,5 g
38,61 mm
Silver 925°
5 000 pcs
Production quality
Proof with gilded inlay application. The motifs of the silver inlay were cut out by laser, gilded and fixed to the obverse of the coin by the striking force around the inner edge, while minting of the other elements – legend – of the coin.
László SZLÁVICS Jr. sculptor
Hungarian Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
On the obverse the inlay depicts the emblematic logo of the “One With Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition. The back shows the trophy of the world record red stag deer shot in Gemenc Forest (Hungary) in 1986 with leaf illustration, which formed one of the design elements of the World Expo. On the upper legend name of the cities hosting the Exhibition can be read.
A brief annotation
Hungary organised the most important international hunting and nature exhibition of 2021 with the aim to demonstrate nature conservation in a credible and modern way through examples of wildlife, fisheries and forestry management, with input from Hungary and abroad. Its motto „One With Nature” signals that humankind is forever a part of nature, its fate depends on the future of the natural world, and therefore it must be protected, its capacity to rejuvenate sustained.

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№ 2 (59) 2022
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