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White Wolf – The Witcher Book
Белый волк – книги Ведьмак
Presented by
Mint of Gdansk
Nominal value
50 dollars
1000 g
87 x 97,5 mm
Silver 999°
100 pcs
Production quality
Antique Finish, Numbered obverse
Shanghai Jiyun Crafts Manufacturing Co.
Description of obverse and reverse
On the reverse side an image of the main character from Andrzej Sapkowski's bestselling novel White Wolf.

The obverse confirms the authenticity of the coin. It contains information on the denomination, issuer, weight and purity of the silver.

A brief annotation
It is the world's first statue shaped coin made of silver and at the same time the first silver statue shaped coin from Witcher Book Series. The coin delights with its workmanship. The majestic pose of character was minted in silver with all details. The main character appears in the combat position he assumes in Andrzej Sapkowski's books. The famous swords of White Wolf were exposed, and additionally the sword in character's hand was decorated with runic script. The coin also features the amulet of the School of the Wolf , proudly resting on character's neck.

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New issue
№ 1(62) 2023
№ 1(62) 2023
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