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The Branicki Palace in Bialystok
Дворец Браницких в Белостоке
Presented by
Mint of Poland
Nominal value
5 zloty
6,54 g
24 mm
ring MN25, core CuAl6Ni2
1 200 000 pcs
Production quality
Bimetallic coin with a latent image
Reverse designer: Dobrochna Surajewska
Mint of Poland
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: In the central part of the coin – image of the coat of arms eagle established as the national emblem of the Republic of Poland. Below it – mint mark: m/w, year of issue: «2020». Along the rim on a separate ring – face value: «5 ZŁOTYCH» (5 zloty), issuing country: «RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA» (the Republic of Poland). 

The reverse features images of the Branicki Palace in Bialystok (Poland). Sentence: Pałac Branickich (title), Białystok (city).
A brief annotation
On 18 November 2020, Narodowy Bank Polski put into circulation a commemorative coin of the series “Discover Poland” – The Branicki Palace in Białystok, with the face value of 5 złoty.
New issue
№ 2 (59) 2022
№ 2 (59) 2022
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