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Mint of Poland
Nominal value
2 dollars (NIUE)
32,9 g
40,85 mm
Silver 999°
500 pcs
Production quality
Proof, digital printing, laser frosting, polishing
Zuzanna Faliszewska
Mint of Poland
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: In the central part of the coin – effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Below it – mint mark: m/w, hallmark: «Ag 999». Along the rim – inscriptions separated by decorative dots: «ELIZABETH II, NIUE ISLAND» (issuer), «2 DOLLARS» (face value), «2020» (year of issue). 

Reverse: In the central part of t coin, unicorn with wings and horn (silver, relief, polished), On the top – moon, In the background colorful forest. In the bottom – sentence UNICORN, (relief, laser frosting).
A brief annotation
In the past, some believed that the tears of a unicorn had the magical power to cleanse and cure diseases. This fantastic creature has already appeared in the Bible as a personification of strength. In the Middle Ages, it was presented as Holy Mary's companion and a symbol of Christ. To this day, the unicorn is a representation of purity and magical strength in popular culture. The coin with its image will appeal to every fan of fantasy!
New issue
№ 4(65) 2023
№ 4(65) 2023
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