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Mint of Poland
Nominal value
7 dollars NIUE
63,3 g
55 mm
Silver 924°
500 pcs
Production quality
Standard, antique finish, glass insert, digital printing, Swarovski Elements
Maria Kamińska
Mint of Poland
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: In the central part of the coin – effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Below it – mint mark: m/w, hallmark: «Ag 999». Along the rim – inscriptions separated by decorative dots: «ELIZABETH II, NIUE ISLAND» (issuer), «7 DOLLARS» (face value), «2020» (year of issue). In the background rounded Egyptian ornaments (relief, antique finish). 

Reverse: In the central part of the coin effigy of Nefertiti with decoration on the hat (digital printing and Swarovski Elements); digitally printed glass insert as a decoration on the neck – Egyptian ornaments. In the background rounded Egyptian ornaments (relief, antique finish).
A brief annotation
NEFERTITI – the most famous queen of antiquity. 

The bust of Nefertiti remains one of the most recognizable Egyptian archeological findings. The coin inspired by this masterpiece and the most beautiful woman of antiquity will become a highlight of every numismatic collection but also a remarkable gift for a powerful, independent person. “Nefertiti” was decorated with an innovative, digitally printed glass insert and Swarovski Elements.
New issue
№ 4(61) 2022
№ 4(61) 2022
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