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200 tenge
200 тенге
Presented by
National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan/Kazakhstan Mint
Nominal value
200 tenge
7,5 g
26 mm
Nibrass / Neisilber
Production quality
National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
The outer ring of the coins is made of nickel silver, the inner disc is made of nickel brass. The edge is made with 16 recesses, with alternating smooth and grooved sectors. 

On the reverse of the coin, in the central part, the State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan is depicted, around the circumference is the inscription "QAZAQSTAN RESPÝBLIKASY", denoting the issuing country. At the bottom of the coin is "2020", indicating the year of minting. 

On the obverse of the coin in the central part is the inscription "200", denoting the nominal value and made against the background of engraving with horizontal dashed lines that repeat the outlines of the nominal number. In the upper and lower parts of the coin there are ornamental fragments made in the form of vertical hatches. In the lower part of the coin is the inscription "TEŃGE", denoting the text name of the national currency, is made on the background of radial dashed lines. On the left side of the coin, the abbreviation "QUB" stands for the issuing bank QAZAQSTAN ULTTYQ BANKI. On the right side of the coin is a trademark (logo) Kazakhstan Mint.
A brief annotation
The design of the coins is made in accordance with the Design Concept of banknotes and coins of the National Currency – the Kazakhstan tenge, approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 12, 2018 No. 804. 

In the design style of bicolor circulation coins, a symbiosis of artistic elements of eastern and Western cultures is traced.
New issue
№ 4(61) 2022
№ 4(61) 2022
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