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Kiskunság National Park
Национальный парк Кишкуншаг
Presented by
Central Bank of Hungary/ Hungarian Mint
Nominal value
10 000 hungarian forint
31,46 g
39,60 x 26,40 mm
Silver 925°
5 000 pcs
Production quality
Gábor KERESZTHURY, applied artist
Hungarian Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: Representation of an eating scooper, standing in the water with its mirror image also appearing. Due to its special needs in terms of habitat, the bird offers a perfect symbol of the saline lakes typically found in the Kiskunság National Park. The compulsory design elements of collector coins are also found on the obverse. 

The reverse shows a representation of a typical natural feature in the National Park, shifting sand dunes rippled from the edge in the Fülöpháza Sand Dunes, complemented with a few trees and bushes. The sand dunes of only 2000 hectares, preserve the old features of the Hungarian Homokhátság.
A brief annotation
The coin was issued to honour the 45th anniversary of the foundation of Hungary’s second national park. The special vertical rectangle collector coin is part of the series depicting Hungarian national parks. Two-thirds of the national park of over 50,000 hectares was designated as a biosphere reserve under the UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme in 1979.
New issue
№ 2(63) 2023
№ 2(63) 2023
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