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«Sinsha» Nature Reserve
Заказник «Синьша»
Presented by
National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Nominal value
20 rubles
33,63 g
38,61 mm
Silver 925°
999 pcs
Production quality
Svetlana Nekrasova (Republic of Belarus)
Kazakhstan Mint of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: on the background of the ornamental canvas are located: at the top is a relief image of the State Emblem of the Republic of Belarus and the inscription: «REPUBLIC OF BELARUS»; in the center there is the image of a floating water nut; under it is the denomination: «20 RUBLES»; on the left is located the inscription: «АРЭХ ПЛЫВУЧЫ» and the alloy sample; on the right is the year of minting. 

Reverse: in the center, on the background of a fragment of the forest is a relief image of a lynx; at the top there is a fragment of a traditional Belarusian ornament, meaning a symbol of life; at the bottom is the inscription: «РЫСЬ».
A brief annotation
The eighth coin of the series «Nature Reserves of Belarus» is dedicated to «Sinsha» Nature Reserve. According to the concept, the coin shows the most characteristic plant on the obverse (in this reserve it is a floating nut) and an animal on the reverse (a lynx). The national ornament, which means a symbol of reverence for life, is a conceptual feature of the series, along with the decorative stylistics of the interpretation of the plant on the obverse and the plot execution of the corresponding composition of the reverse.
New issue
№ 4(65) 2023
№ 4(65) 2023
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