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Donation Dollar
Доллар пожертвования
Presented by
Royal Australian Mint
Nominal value
1 dollar
9 g
25 mm
Production quality
Coloured Circulating Coin
Bronwyn King
Royal Australian Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
Coin’s reverse features the words ‘DONATION DOLLAR’ ‘GIVE TO HELP OTHERS. 

The coin also features a central circle of green colour print. This colour is intended to gradually wear in circulation revealing a pattern of circles, symbolising the ripples of change generated by the repeated donation of the coin during its 30 year lifetime in circulation. 

Coin’s obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II designed by Jody Clark
A brief annotation
They Royal Australian Mint has released the world’s first Donation Dollar into circulation. Australia’s Donation Dollar is the small coin made to make a difference. We’re minting one for every Australian, creating 25 million of reminders to give. 

If every Australian gave just one Donation Dollar a month, an additional $300 million would be raised annually, for those who need it most.
New issue
№ 1(62) 2023
№ 1(62) 2023
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