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I love you
Я тебя люблю
Presented by
Numiartis (Germany)
Nominal value
2 dollars (Niue Island)
62,2 g
45 mm
Silver 999°
520 pcs
Production quality
Antique finish, rasin insert, swarovski inserts, high relief
B. Kulesza-Damaziak
Mint of Poland
Description of obverse and reverse
The obverse has the usual effigy of Queen Elizabeth II at its centre, but a neat touch is a border inscribed with the words ‘I Love You’ in many different languages. These sit over a neat bas-relief style heart pattern. 

The reverse present big heart with description ‚”I love you” under read resin. Filled with intricate detail from edge to edge and in harmony between design and Swarovski inlays.
A brief annotation
Coin is a perfect gift for loves ones. Unusual design and mix of techniques (anitque finish, resin insert, Swarovski stones in different shapes). Mintage responding with year of issue, moreover 520 in Chinese laungaue sounds like I love You in Chinese. Obverse presents ‚‘I love you’’ in many languages.
New issue
№ 3(64) 2023
№ 3(64) 2023
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