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WWI War Declared
Объявление Первой мировой войны
Presented by
Downies, Australia
Nominal value
10 dollars (Niue Island)
155,51 g
65 mm
Silver 999°
500 pcs.
Production quality
Struck to proof quality with high relief using different finishes and selective pad printing.
Illustrator and designer, David Bowler.
Description of obverse and reverse
The obverse design has an official Queen Elizabeth II portrait, along with Country, Date, Denomination and Silver content text. The reverse design shows a colored illustration of a young soldier waving goodbye as he boards a ship to go off to war. Set alongside high relief of 3 ships forming part of the convoy.
A brief annotation
A large 65mm coin commemorates the Centenary of the start of WWI in 1914. Showing an Australian soldier boarding a troop ship and giving a wave to those he is leaving behind. The background has 3 ships in high relief, including HMAS Sydney and Melbourne, part of the first convoy that sailed from Western Australia on Nov. 1, 1914. The ships are taking Australian and New Zealand Forces off to war at Gallipoli, Middle East and Europe. The 1914 date is high relief incused with “centenary”, coin description “War Declared” is incused into a high relief montage of ropes, chains and gangway.
New issue
№ 4(61) 2022
№ 4(61) 2022
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