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20 Years of Democracy in South Africa
20 лет демократии в Южной Африке
Presented by
South African Mint Company
Nominal value
200 rand
31,107 g
32,69 mm
Gold 999,9°
10 000 pcs.
Production quality
Proof quality, Frosted and brilliant finishes
Artist/Designer: L Guerra Obverse die-sinker: AL Sutherland Reverse die-sinker: VL Chipa
South African Mint Company
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: The national coat of arms of South Africa, the year “2014” and the words “South Africa”. The motto at the coat of arms is written in the Khoisan language and literally means “diverse people unite”. The coat of arms also represent symbols: the ears of wheat (symbol of fertility, nourishment of people and agricultural aspects of the Earth); elephant tusks (symbol of wisdom, strength, moderation and eternity); shield (identity and spiritual defence); human figures (symbol of unity); the spear, “knobkierie” and bird (symbols of defence, authority and peace). Reverse: former President Nelson Mandela at the front of a row of votes. Nelson Mandela is featured casting his first vote in 1994 at the first free and democratic elections in South Africa. The words “20 years of democracy” and the denomination “R200” are also depicted.
A brief annotation
The R200 (1oz) pure-gold coin celebrates “20 Years of Democracy” in South Africa by commemorating the first non-racial and democratic elections that were held in the country on 27 April 1994. Mr Mandela was elected President and inaugurated at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on 10 May 1994. He led a troubled country and its people into a new future, built on the foundations of freedom and democracy. The new Constitution pointed towards a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society based on justice, equality, the rule of law, and the inalienable human rights of all. Every year on the 27 April all South Africans celebrate past achievements and remember and reflect on the paths that led to this historic occasion.
New issue
№ 4(65) 2023
№ 4(65) 2023
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