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Ioannes Paulus II Maximus
Иоанн Павел II Великий
Presented by
International Coin House AG
Nominal value
100 dollars (Niue Island)
3110 g
130 x 100 mm – shape of the Polish borders
Silver 999,9°
99 pcs.
Production quality
Proof with gold plating, shape of the Polish borders, 27 diamonds inserts.
International Coin House AG
B.H. Mayer’s Mint Karlsfeld, Germany
Description of obverse and reverse
The obverse shows a view on the Wawel Castle, and the view on Vatican from the side of the Tiber River. The central image is surrounded by an elaborate floral motif – flowers being the 'John Paul II' Clematis bred by Brother Stefan Franczak, world-known horticulturist. On the reverse inside of the medallion there is a profile of Pope John Paul II, leaning on the ferrule (the papal crosier), next to it is the papal crest, and on the edge of the medallion, in addition to beautifully crafted ornaments, the inscription “Sanctus Ioannes Paulus PP. II”. Above placed is the papal motto “Totus Tuus” (“All yours”). Background of the coin shows the Jasna Góra Monastery, together with Our Lady of Jasna Góra on the left and a stained glass window of John Paul II on the right - also located in the Basilica.
A brief annotation
This unique coin with unusual weight of one hundred ounces (over 3 kg) was made in extremely difficult to achieve the shape depicting an outline of the Polish borders. Additionally, 27 diamonds symbolizing 27 years of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II were placed on the coin. From a variety of precious stones we chose the diamond, because of its biblical significance as a symbol of indomitable will and courage – especially in suffering.
New issue
№ 1(62) 2023
№ 1(62) 2023
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