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Cyril and Methodius
Кирилл и Мефодий
Presented by
International Coin House AG
Nominal value
1000 denars (Republic of Macedonia)
500 g
90 x 135 mm
Silver 925°/ Gold 999,9°
500 pcs.
Production quality
Proof with gold plating
International Coin House AG
B.H. Mayer’s Mint, Karlsfeld, Germany
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: on the top of the coin – coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia. In the centre – the images of 7 Saints (Cyril and Methodius and their 5 pupils): St. Naum, St. Sava, St. Clement, St. Methodius, St. Cyril, St. Gorazd and St. Angelarius. The images of the Saints are dated from 18th century from the monasteries in Ohrid (Macedonia) and Ardenica (Albania). Below the Saints the monastery in Ohrid (Macedonia). Inscriptions: “2014”, “1000 Denars”, “Republic of Macedonia” (in Macedonian), “Ag 925” and “500g”. Reverse: in the centre of the coin - Saint Methodius (on the left) and Saint Cyril (on the right). They are holding a Bible in their hands. Saint Cyril is holding a roll with Cyrillic alphabet. On the top of the coin an inscription: “St Methodius St Cyril” (in Macedonian). Around the coin ornament. Gold plated ornaments, Bible and few elements on their ropes.
A brief annotation
The coin issued in connection with 1150 years of Slavonic writing and is dedicated to the creators of the first Slavonic alphabet (Glagolic alphabet) and their pupils that developed the Cyrilic alphabet. The coin is packed in a box having a form of a book and containing photocopies of the earliest written documents in the Old Slavonic language. Saints Cyril and Methodius, brothers born in Macedonia, the apostles of the Slavs, received their title for christianizing the Danubian Slavs and for influencing the religious and cultural development of all Slavic peoples. Scholars, theologians and linguists. They were honoured by Pope John Paul II in his 1985 encyclical “Slavorum Apostoli”.
New issue
№ 1(62) 2023
№ 1(62) 2023
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