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The Raifa Monastery
Раифский монастырь
Presented by
Nominal value
28,28 g
38,61 mm
Silver 925°
1000 pcs.
Production quality
Pad printing, gilding
Description of obverse and reverse
In the center of the obverse of the coin there is a relief image of the Raifa Bogoroditsky Monastery with a view from the lake, a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, below it - the image of three frogs among bulrush. The obverse also contains the inscriptions: “Elizabeth II”, the issuer – “Niue island”, the denomination - "1 dollar”, separated by dots; on the bottom - the year of issue "2014", the fineness "925" and designation of the metal according to the periodic system of Mendeleev. On the reverse in the circle surrounded by a beading rim there is a relief coloured and gilded image of domes of the Raifa monastery’s Holy Trinity Cathedral on the left, and on the right - a relief image of the bell tower of the monastery. In the center of the reverse there is a gilded image of the Holy Trinity icon which is located in the Trinity Cathedral of the monastery. Also on the reverse there is the inscription "Раифский Богородицкий монастырь" in Russian.
A brief annotation
Tatfondbank represents a joint project with the Raifa monastery – the silver coin with the symbols of the monument of architecture.
New issue
№ 4(65) 2023
№ 4(65) 2023
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