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Agnieszka Osiecka
Агнешка Осецкая
Presented by
Mint of Poland
Nominal value
10 zloty
14,14 g
32,00 mm
Silver 925°
28000 pcs.
Production quality
Proof, relief elements with a frosted surface
Dobrochna Surajewska
Mint of Poland
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: an image of an eagle from the coat of arms of the Republic of Poland. Below – the face value: «10 ZŁ». In the background – decorative motifs. Along the rim – inscriptions: «RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA» (the Republic of Poland), «2013» (the year of issue). Reverse: an image of Agnieszka Osiecka taken from a photo from the Agata Passent’s private collection. Along the rim – inscriptions: «AGNIESZKA OSIECKA» (the name of the coin), «HISTORIA POLSKIEJ MUZYKI ROZRYWKOWEJ» (HISTORY OF POLISH POPULAR MUSIC; the name of the series).
A brief annotation
The coin dedicated to one of the most renowned Polish poets and writers of the 20th century, and an icon of the Polish culture. Agnieszka Osiecka is an author of numerous essays, articles, stage works and scenarios for theatres and TV stations. Her lyrics were set to music by the most outstanding Polish composers. The great part of her works are dedicated to children, hence the motifs depicted on the obverse of the coin.
New issue
№ 3(64) 2023
№ 3(64) 2023
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