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5 лат
Presented by
Bank of Latvia
Nominal value
5 lat
25,00 g
37,00 mm
Silver 925°
10 000 pcs.
Production quality
Tamped back
Rihards Zariņš
Royal Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: the large coat of arms of the Republic of Latvia, the face value (5 LATI) and the year of issue (2012). Reverse: the central motif is a Latvian folk-maid in profile, viewed from the right side. The girl has ears of corn on her shoulder. The inscriptions LATVIJAS and REPUBLIKA, arranged in a semicircle, are placed to the left and right of the central motif respectively.
A brief annotation
To mark the 90th anniversary of the Bank of Latvia, the Bank of Latvia issues a new silver 5-lats coin using the original electrotypes produced in 1929 and employed in minting this coin in 1929, 1931 and 1932. The coin has its own unique history and its happy journey continues.
New issue
№ 3(64) 2023
№ 3(64) 2023
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