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Christ Pantokrator
Спас Вседержитель
Presented by
PAMP SA (Switzerland)
Nominal value
2 dollars (Niue Island)
Rectangle - 27 x 47
Silver 999°
Production quality
Convex shape, proof quality with partially coloured (1 side), high relief. Edgeless minting
Sculptor: Vitaliy Rabotnov; Designer: Sabrina Luoni
PAMP SA (Switzerland)
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: the effigy of the Queen of England Elizabeth II, on top of the coin – the inscription: “ELIZABETH II”; and the inscription: “NIUE”; underneath – the nominal value “2 DOLLARS” and year date “2011”. Reverse: Russian Icon «Christ Pantokrator».
A brief annotation
Christ Pantokrator icon from Sinai monastery, encaustic icon of mid-VI century with images of Jesus Christ. In the iconography of the Pantokrator, it is the oldest known iconographic image of Christ. Icon written in a very unusual manner characteristic of the time. Creates a sense of mystery traffic light left to the right and asymmetry between the left and right side of the face of Jesus. The left side is full of light and shine; it symbolizes the human nature of Christ and the dark right side – the divine nature. At Sinai icon of the Almighty, the eyes of Jesus are not the reflections and glare, because Jesus himself is the source of light. Posture and gesture of Jesus Christ also have symbolic meaning. The gospel in his left hand symbolizes his power over the universe, but also a reminder of his ministry on earth. His right hand blesses the faithful as a sign of the fingers are composed of teaching and authority. In groups of two and three fingers, which simultaneous reflects the belief in the dual nature of Jesus Christ. The three joint fingers symbolizing the Holy Trinity, the two raised fingers and twisted about the connection of the mystical and the divine. The figure of Christ in the sky with golden stars, a clear symbol of eternity and the cosmos. Jesus Christ on the icon of the Sinai and the creator of mankind.
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№ 3(60) 2022
№ 3(60) 2022
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