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Mint of Poland
Nominal value
10 Zloty
Ellipse: 40 x 26
Silver 925°
60 000
Production quality
Proof, a shiny fragment of a matt relief
Robert Kotowicz
Mint of Poland
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: In the centre – a stylised image of King Władysław Jagiełło against a banner with the emblems of Poland and Lithuania. On the let-hand side – an image of the Eagle established as the State Emblem of the Republic of Poland and the notation of the year of issue “2010”. On the right hand-side – at the bottom – an inscription, “10 ZŁ”. Below – a semicircular inscription, “RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA” (Republic of Poland). he Mint’s mark “M/W” under the Eagle’s let leg. Reverse: In the centre – a stylised image of knights on horseback in combat. In the background – stylised images of the emblems of Poland and Lithuania and knights’ lances placed diagonally. At the top – a stylised inscription “GRUNWALD/1410”.
A brief annotation
The battle of Grunwald (Battle of Tannenberg), fought on 15 July 1410, was one of the greatest such developments in medieval Europe. The result of the battle of Grunwald was the peace agreement concluded in Toruń in 1411. Although its terms were incommensurable with the victory, it satisied Poland and Lithuania, as it gave them the territories for which the war had been waged.
New issue
№ 3(64) 2023
№ 3(64) 2023
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