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75th Anniversary of Leonid Yengibarov’s birth
75‑летие Леонида Енгибарова
Presented by
Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia
Nominal value
1000 dram
Silver 925
Production quality
Vardan Vardanyan (Republic of Armenia)
Royal Dutch Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: the most famous circus show by Yengibarov presented by consecutive stages of its performance. Along the rim – “CENTRAL BANK OF THE REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA” in Armenian, the nominal value of the coin “1000 Dram”. The year of issue “2010” is placed on the right side. Reverse: a portrait of Leonid Yengibarov in the center against the background of the perforated umbrella. On the left side there is a vertical inscription “LEONID ENGIBAROV” in Armenian and English. On the right side – “75th anniversary” in Armenian.
A brief annotation
Leonid (Yengibaryan) Yengibarov is a circus and variety artist, clown and mime. In 1971 he established a mime variety theater and initiated an original “Yengibarov technique” in mime. In his numbers he used intricate stunts equally performed in the circus and variety. Yengibarov used to go on tours abroad and in 1964 in Prague he got his first prize. Yengibarov’s “Outdoor Acrobat”, “Steps”, “Umbrella” and many other miniatures are tinged with philosophical thoughts. In 1972 Yengibarov established a Circus School in Yerevan later honored with the People’s Team title.On the obverse it is shown one of the most famous circus show, when Yengibaryan puts on by turns thrown up jacket, bowler and stick.
New issue
№ 3(64) 2023
№ 3(64) 2023
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