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600th Anniversary of the Gruenwald Battle
Грюнвальдская битва. 600 лет
Presented by
National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Nominal value
50 Belorussian roubles
Gold 900°
Production quality
Oxana Novoselova (Republic of Belarus)
Lithuanian Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: On the top there is a relief image of the coat of arms of the Republic of Belarus, in the centre – a stylized image of a sword against the cracked earth, resembling the outline of a man; along the circumference there are inscriptions: “РЭСПУБЛІКА БЕЛАРУСЬ” (Republic of Belarus) – on the upper part, “50 РУБЛЁЎ” (50 ROUBLES), the coin’s alloy and the year of issue – on the lower part. On the reverse of the coin there is a stylized image of a print in the form of an imprint of a thumb, inside which there is an inscription: “ГРУНВАЛЬДСКАЯ БІТВА” (GRUENWALD BATTLE) and its date – 15.07.1410.
A brief annotation
Te coin is dedicated to the 600th Anniversary of the Gruenwald Battle. The historic event on the coin’s reverse is disclosed in the context of modern times. Every person is a part of the history of his native country. In the center of the coin – a stylized print in the form of a thumb imprint, inside which there is an inscription “Грунвальдская бiтва (Gruenwald Battle) 15.07.1410”. On the coin’s obverse the image is anthropomorphic, like a silhouette of a man, crucifx – is a symbol of sacrifce and a sword trusted into the ground is a mark of the end of the war. The upper part of the composition repeats the coin’s reverse image: a fngerprint as a symbol of man.
New issue
№ 4(65) 2023
№ 4(65) 2023
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