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Coin devoted to 7th Asian Winter Games 2011
7-е зимние Азиатские игры 2011 года
Presented by
National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Nominal value
5 000 Tenge
Silver 925
Production quality
Artists: V. Ivzhenko, A. Bassenov. Designers: Schtol’ О.S.; Michurov A.; Zinkevitch S.А.
Kazakhstan Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: In the central part there is an inscription, “5000 ТЕҢГЕ” (5000 Tenge) signifying the nominal value, the mintmark of the Kazakhstan Mint and the inscription “Ag 925 100 gr.” specifying the metal which the coin is made of, its alloy and weight. In the lower part there is a stylized image of ski-run and the inscription “2010” which means the year of mintage; in the upper part there is a trade mark of the Kazakhstan mint. In the left sector there is an image of Tien Shan spruce. On the circumference there is an inscription: “ҚАЗАҚСТАН РЕСПУБЛИКАСЫ” in the official language and “REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN” in English. Reverse: in the centre, on the matted background of the stylized ice there is an image of the 7th Asian Winter Games 2011 logo. This image is surrounded by winter sports’ ideograms. On the circumference there is an inscription “7 ші ҚЫСҚЫ АЗИЯ ОЙЫНДАРЫ” in the official language, “7th ASIAN WINTER GAMES” in English.
A brief annotation
The coin was issued to commemorate the 7th Asian Winter Games 2011 in Kazakhstan.
New issue
№ 3(64) 2023
№ 3(64) 2023
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