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100th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Voluntary Tatra Mountains Rescue Service
100-я годовщина Основания Добровольной Спасательной Службы в Татрах
Presented by
National Bank of Poland
Nominal value
10 zł
Silver 925
Production quality
Proof, blue, white, yellow, brown and grey paint
Dominika Karpińska-Kopiec
Mint of Poland
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: At the bottom, on the right-hand side, an image of the Eagle established as the State Emblem of the Republic of Poland. At the bottom, on the left side of the Eagle, notation of the year of issue: 2009. In the centre TOPR emblem – a blue cross against a white background with the inscription: - TATRZAŃSKIE-OCHOTNICZE-POGOTOWIERATUNKOWE - 1909 [THE TATRA MOUNTAIN VOLUNTARY RESCUE SERVICE – 1909]. Below the cross, a twig of dwarf mountain pine. Underneath, the inscription: 10 ZŁ. Against the background, stylized fragments of ornamentation in the Polish highland style. At the bottom, the inscription: RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA [THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND]. The Mint’s mark, M/W under the Eagle’s left leg. Reverse: On the left-hand side, a stylized image of the bust of Mieczysław Karłowicz. Against the background, on the right-hand side, a stylized outline of the peak of Mały Kościelec and mounttainrange of Świnica. Underneath, the inscription: MIECZYSŁAW KARŁOWICZ. In the rim, the inscription: 100. ROCZNICA POWSTANIA TATRZAŃSKIEGO OCHOTNICZEGO POGOTOWIA RATUNKOWEGO [THE 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE TATRA MOUNTAIN VOLUNTARY RESCUE SERVICE].
A brief annotation
New issue
№ 2(63) 2023
№ 2(63) 2023
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