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The 100th Anniversary of Victor Ambartsumyan
100-летие со дня рождения Виктора Амбарцумяна
Presented by
The Central Bank of Armenia
Nominal value
Obverse: the telescope and a symbolic image of the space. To the right of the telescope the face value “1000” is indicated with an inscription “dram” written in Armenian. On the top on the left there is the year of issue “2008”. Between the linear circle and the coin’s edge there is an inscription along the rim “Central bank of the Republic of Armenia” in Armenian. Reverse: there is a Victor Ambartsumyan’s portrait, on the left side of the portrait date of birth “1908” and date of death “1996”are indicated in two lines. On the right side of the portrait there is a symbol of the space. On the top by the left circumference of the coin there is an inscription Victor Ambartsumyan in Armenian, and at the bottom in English. The coin is framed on both sides with salient edging along its perimeter.
Production quality
Description of obverse and reverse
Vardan Vardanyan
A brief annotation
Czech Mint
New issue
№ 4(65) 2023
№ 4(65) 2023
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