Coin "Christmas"

Рождество Христово

Name Christmas
Presented by Resource Trade, Russia
Nominal value 5 dollars (Cook Islands)
Metal Silver 925°
Mintage 500
Production quality Artificially old (oxidated), partially colored
Description of obverse and reverse Obverse: in the center - a portrait of the Queen of England Elizabeth II, along the edge - the inscriptions: on the left – “ELIZABETH II”, on the right - «COOK ISLANDS», at the bottom - the face value “5 DOLLARS”. Reverse: in the center - the image of the ritual of caroling in a Ukrainian village, around this picture on a circle - the inscriptions: at the top – “З НОВИМ РОКОМ ТА РIЗДВОМ ХРИСТОВИМ!”, at the bottom – “ЩЕДРИЙ ВЕЧIР, ДОБРИЙ ВЕЧIР, ДОБРИМ ЛЮДЯМ НА ЗДОРОВ’Я!”, at the bottom – the alloy and the weight of the coin “Ag925 31,1 g” and the year of issue “2011”.
A brief annotation Christmas and New Year are the holidays celebrated by many nations. The original pre-Christian way of celebration of the New Year is well kept in the traditions and rituals of the Ukrainians on January, 13-14. Unlike Christmas and Epiphany, these days were not so great important in the religious calendar, so there are almost no ecclesiastical motifs in their rituals.
Designer Artist Leonov N.S.
Producer B.H. Mayer’s Kunstpraegeanstalt (Germany)

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