Coin "First Cosmonaut"

Первый космонавт

Name First Cosmonaut
Presented by National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Nominal value 500 tenge
Metal Silver 925° (disk), ring is made of tantalum
Weight 16,7 g (disk), 24 g (ring)
Mintage 5000
Production quality Proof. The part of the coin is made of tantalum – the metal widely used in aerospace industry
Description of obverse and reverse A bi-colored (composite) coin has the round shape consisted of the concentric ring and disk. The internal disk of coin is made of silver; the external ring is made of tantalum. Obverse: the composition symbolizes the human being unity with the world and the connection of the past with the present; the face value of the coin. Reverse: image of U.A. Gagarin, the first cosmonaut, 2011 is 50th anniversary of his space flight; image of orbital spacecraft on a near-earth orbit, numbers.
A brief annotation On April 12th 1961 the Soviet Union citizen a major-pilot Uriy A. Gagarin made the first space flight in the world on the orbital spacecraft «Vostok». The coin is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of this event.
Designer Artists: Akhverdyan А.S., Basenov А.G. Sculptor: А. Michurov
Producer Kazakhstan Mint of National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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