Coin "Uhlan of the Second Republic of Poland"

Улан Второй Республики Польша

Name Uhlan of the Second Republic of Poland
Presented by National Bank of Poland
Nominal value 10 zloty
Metal Silver 925°
Diameter Rectangle - 32,00 x 22,40
Thickness 2,6
Mintage 50 000
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse Obverse: along the left edge of the coin, inscription: “RZECZPOSPOLITA” (Republic). Along the upper edge of the coin, inscription: “POL SKA” (of Poland). At the top on the right, inscription: “10/ZŁ”. In the centre, against the background of stylised shapes of horses, image of the Eagle established as the State Emblem of the Republic of Poland. Below the Eagle, stylised images of elements of a uhlan’s weapons and equipment: lances, a sabre, a carbine and a saddle. Below, notation of the year of issue: “2011”. Under the Eagle’s left leg, the Mint’s mark: “M/W”. Reverse: along the left edge of the coin, inscription: “UŁAN II” (Uhlan of the 2nd). Along the right edge of the coin, inscription: “RZECZYPOSPOLITEJ” (Polish Republic). In the centre, stylised image of a mounted uhlan holding a sabre. Above, stylised images of: a fragment of a sabre with the inscription “Honour and the Motherland” and another fragment of a sabre featuring the hilt.
Designer Robert Kotowicz
Producer Mint of Poland

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