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Coin "Tutankhamun Sterling Silver Canopic Coffinette with Cartouches Coin"

Серебряный стерлинг с картушами Саркофаг Тутанхамона

Name Tutankhamun Sterling Silver Canopic Coffinette with Cartouches Coin
Presented by Pobjoy Mint Ltd
Nominal value 28,28
Metal Размеры треугольника — 56,2 мм x 40,7
Diameter 25000
Thickness Proof
Mintage Obverse: a fine effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the text reading “ELIZABETH II ISLE OF MAN 2008” with triskeles, which is the national emblem for the Isle of Man and is featured on their flag. Also there are the hieroglyphics that were found in the tomb which read “TUT”, “ANKH” and “AMUN”. Reverse: in the process of mummification the pharaoh’s internal organs were removed from its body and preserved in four miniature coffins. One of Tutankhamun’s coffinettes appears in the centre of this design with two cartouches - one on each side - which spell in hieroglyphics the young pharaoh’s name Tutankhamun, and his throne name Nebkheperure.
Description of obverse and reverse Pobjoy Mint Ltd
A brief annotation Pobjoy Mint Ltd

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