Presented by Mint of Poland
Nominal value 28,28
Metal 38,61
Diameter 10000
Thickness Uncirculated , oxidized with amber
Mintage Obverse: in the centre, a stylized image of a cart, in which ambers were carried by the Romans from Baltic Sea to Italy. Behind the cart, on the left, a stylized image of a head of the Roman. On the background, a stylized image of a map with Baltic Sea outline. At the top, along the edge, a semicircular inscription: “AMBER ROUTE”. Reverse: in the centre, an inscription: “KALININGRAD” (name of the Russian city-point of the Amber Route). Under the inscription, a stylized images of pugios – small daggers used by Romans. Above the inscription, a stylized image of the Kцnigsberg Castle; next to the castle, on the right, a stylized image of a coin, which the ambers were paid for in those times. Under the image of the coin, on the right, an amber insert. At the bottom, along the edge, a semicircular inscription in Polish: “SZLAK BURSZTYNOWY” (Amber Route).
Description of obverse and reverse Robert Kotowicz
A brief annotation Mint of Poland

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