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Coin "1500 years Saint-Maurice’s Abbey"

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1500 лет аббатству Сен-Морис

Name 1500 years Saint-Maurice’s Abbey
Presented by Federal Mint Swissmint
Nominal value 20 swiss francs
Metal Silver 835°
Weight 20 g
Diameter 33 mm
Thickness 2,8 mm
Mintage 5 000 pcs.
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse Obverse: the coin picture shows a detail of the front of the Saint-Maurice’s Abbey with the main portal, the bell tower and mountains in the background. The image is completed on the left by the cloverleaf-like cross of Saint-Maurice and the legend "ABBAYE DE / SAINT-MAURICE". On the mountainside at the right the dates "515" and "2015" are recognisable. Reverse: parallel to the edge the legend CONFOEDERATIO HELVETICA 2015 steplike displaced in two lines; above of the centre the Swiss cross and at the bottom in three lines 20 / B / FR.
A brief annotation Located in the Valais region of Switzerland Saint-Maurice d’Agaune, the abbey was founded in the year 515 over the grave of Martyrs Maurice and his companions, who, circa 290, gave their lives for their Christian faith. The monastery celebrated its 1500th anniversary in 2015, making it the oldest living monastery in the western world.
Designer Jose Requena
Producer Federal Mint Swissmint

Григорий Малеев
По моему я стал понимать Швейцарский почерк
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