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Coin "The 350th Anniversary of the Guinea "

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350-летняя годовщина выпуска первой гинеи

Name The 350th Anniversary of the Guinea
Presented by The Royal Mint
Nominal value 2 pounds
Metal Gold 917 ° (Inner – yellow, Outer – rose)
Weight 15,97 g
Diameter 28,40 mm
Mintage 1000 pcs.
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse The obverse of each coin features the current portrait of the Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS. The inscription Anniversary of the Golden Guinea’ rewers to the fact that the guinea was only struck in gold. The coat of arms features the Hanoverian shield comprising three lions of England, the Scottish lion, the harp of Ireland and the French fleur-de-lys. The central shield is circled with a ring of 150 dots, one for each of the 150 years that the Guinea was minted.
A brief annotation The guinea was first struck in 1663, under Charles II, and was last struck some 200 years ago in 1813. But it is a coin that is remembered, still spoken of and prized by collectors. It is such a romantic coin – it was named after the Guinea coast of Africa, which supplied the Africa Company, and in turn The Royal Mint, with much of the gold used to mint the first gold coins. The elephant mark of the Africa Company appeared on many early guineas. To celebrate the 350th anniversary of this ever popular coin, a commemorative coin has been struck.
Designer Reverse designer: Anthony Smith. Obverse designer: Ian Rank-Broadley.
Producer The Royal Mint

Александр Воропаев
Впечатляет только разнообразие сочетания вариаций золота. В остальном?
Николай Чудин
возможно интереснее было бы отчеканить копию первой монеты с новыми датами и надписью на гурте
Соглашусь. Тут подкупает золотое сочетание желтого и розового золота.
Дмитрий Максимов
Интересное сочетание желтого и розового золото. Также интересно посмотреть на герб, который чеканился 350 лет назад.
Владимир Борисов
сколько подделок под гинеи сделано было, у меня тоже немного их есть))) классный биметалл
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