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Applications for Commemorative Coins Contest "Coin Constellation-2018" are welcome

Since 1 February 2018 mints, national banks and distributing companies are welcome to submit the application for participation in the XII International Commemorative Coins Contest “Coin Constellation-2018”. 

“Coin Constellation” is the only commemorative coins contest to be held on the territory of Russia. During its septennial history it has become one of the most prestigious in the world. Each year more and more coins compete for the right to become the best in the contest nominations. More than 230 coins, 40 participants from 27 countries took part in the eleventh contest “Coin Constellation-2017”. 

To take part in the contest you should send to the organizing committee the corresponding application form and the images of coins. Coins minted since 1 January till 31 December 2017 are admitted to the contest. The application period will last up to 20 March 2018.

In 2018 the organizing committee decided to slightly change the nominations.

This year the contest will be held in ninth major nominations:

  • Unique concept
  • Best artistic solution
  • Original technology
  • Best circulation coin
  • Coin classic 
  • Souvenir coin
  • Silver coin 
  • Gold coin 
  • Coin of the year

The winners will be determined by the professional contest committee which comprises experts from the largest numismatic museums, auction houses, numismatic societies, commercial banks, specialized periodicals on coins from different countries.

Traditionally the preferential voting on all the coins submitted to the contest will be organized at the website Everybody can vote for the coin he liked. Internet voting will take place from 1 July till 20 October 2018. The coin which gets the most votes will be given the People’s Choice Award. 

The announcement of the results of the contest and the official awarding ceremony will take place on 2 November 2018 in Moscow at the Ninth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2018.

The organizer of the contest is Russian Publishing House Water Mark, the publisher of the specialized magazine on coins and medals and the organizer of the International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS. 

You can get the further information about the terms of participation from the organizing committee and on the website There you can also follow the contest news as well as get acquainted with the winners of the previous contest and watch the videos of the awarding ceremonies. 

Contest coordinator:

Yanina Ivchenko,; 

Tel.: +7 812 495 43 02

Fax: +7-812-325-20-99


To download the application form

The organizer of the Coin Constellation is Russian
Publishing House Water Mark

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